Performance Engineering Laboratory

Our mission is to educate elite programmers and to do high-quality research related to any aspect of programming, performance programming in particular.



12.01.2019 jyrki@di.ku.dk The lab is closed! Thank you for the fruitful 20 years! It was a pleasure to work with you guys! -Jyrki
21.02.2017 jyrki@di.ku.dk A one-day visit Guest lecture: On-the-Fly
03.03.2015 ihjensen@di.ku.dk Virtualisering af ydre enheder Foredragsholdere: Jørgen
06.09.2014 jyrki@di.ku.dk 11/9 - 19/9: Amr will be at our department Guest talk: Optimal time-space
06.06.2014 jyrki@di.ku.dk Master's thesis defence on parallel programming Oral defence of master's thesis:

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