Performance Engineering Laboratory

Our mission is to educate elite programmers and to do high-quality research related to any aspect of programming, performance programming in particular.




  • cphstl.dk: Used as a web and CVS server for the CPH STL project. If you want to get access to this server, please, contact Jyrki Katajainen.

Writing aids

  • Bibliography style DIKU.bst [the latest version available at the CPH STL archive]
  • Bibliography database in-place.bib [the latest version available at the CPH STL archive] created by Tomi Pasanen for his Ph.D. thesis. All the bibitems have been checked, but of course there may still be errors. The names of authors are in the same form as in original publications, and the names of publishers in the form given on the copyright page of the book in question. As to the titles of articles lower case letters are normally used, but the style of the original paper is followed, e.g., we write "Quicksort", not "quicksort", if this was used in the paper. The keys are derived directly from the names of the authors and the year of publication, e.g., Knu73 in a single author case and GKP00 in the multiple author case. The string macros used are to be defined in an accompanying bibliography database, see e.g. longstrings.bib [the latest version available at the CPH STL archive].
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