Performance Engineering Laboratory

Our mission is to educate elite programmers and to do high-quality research related to any aspect of programming, performance programming in particular.


Archived on 2017-07-30

  • Jyrki's ultra-short introduction to CVS [ps]
  • Lars' introduction to LEDA [ps]
  • Lars' introduction to the STL [html]
  • Jacob's multi-threaded runtime system Dysli [tar]
  • Lars' groupware PeerView [html]
  • Anders' distributed shared-memory system SENSE [html]
  • Morten's cache profiler [pedersen99.zip]. For further details see, [Morten's M.Sc. thesis]. The package contains the sources of all programs discussed in the thesis, not only the Next-Gen cache profiler.
  • Maz' cache profiler [manual.ps] [programs.tar]
  • A small dictionary of algoritmic terms in English, Danish, and Swedish [version 23.3.2006].
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