[Logiweb] Re: Curious Logiwiki behavior

Klaus Ebbe Grue grue at diku.dk
Fri Oct 12 22:57:56 CEST 2007

Hi Robert,

> As I examine the situation, it becomes obvious that this was the problem.  My 
> larger problem was that I submitted the code, which disappeared into the 
> ether, and /then/ I received the unhelpful error message reflected above. 
> Thus, I couldn't go back and discover what was wrong with my submission.

Maybe that is related to something I have experienced in some browsers: 
When submitting something and then clicking "back" a number of times to 
get back and correct some errors, one just get some message about "this 
page contain POST code" or something. Then the trick is to go all the way 
back to the submission form in one step through the history of the 

I have experienced the same in some browsers. I think the trick is not to 
go back one page at a time (because then one gets

> More recently, I am storing these things in text files before pasting them 
> into the Logiwiki submission form, so I can have a second look when things go 
> awry.

That sounds reasonable. I suppose you have noticed that you don't need to 
split the text in upper and lower pane but just can paste the entire text 
into one of the panes (the two panes are just concattenated anyway).

It reminds me that I should place an alternative submission form which 
uploads the text file directly so that one does not need to copy-paste. 
That must be at next release.


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