[Logiweb] Re: Curious Logiwiki behavior

Robert Lamar rl47 at hw.ac.uk
Tue Oct 9 16:04:42 CEST 2007


Frederik Eriksen wrote:
> Robert Lamar wrote:
>> \section{Theorem}
>> We now state Lemma 3.2l of \cite{Mendelson87}:
>> "[ PA lemma 3.2|
>> ---
>> l : all x : 0 * x = 0 end lemma ]"
>> \section{Proof}
>> "[ PA proof of 3.2l :
>> ---
>> File Form input around line 153 char 16:
>> No interpretations
>> Goodbye
>> --------end Logiwiki response--------
> Hi Robert,
> Are you sure you remembered to include the line
> "" 3.21
> in the header of your file? This line tells Logiweb that '3.21' is a 
> valid syntactic construct. Without this line, Logiweb fails to parse 
> '3.21'; it has "no interpretations" of '3.21', so to speak.

As I examine the situation, it becomes obvious that this was the 
problem.  My larger problem was that I submitted the code, which 
disappeared into the ether, and /then/ I received the unhelpful error 
message reflected above.  Thus, I couldn't go back and discover what was 
wrong with my submission.

More recently, I am storing these things in text files before pasting 
them into the Logiwiki submission form, so I can have a second look when 
things go awry.

Thank you for your efficient analysis of the situation.  It is good to 
understand the classes of problem that might elicit this "No 
interpretations, Goodbye" error.


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