[Logiweb] .eps graphics, follow-up

Klaus Ebbe Grue grue at diku.dk
Tue Jun 20 10:05:27 CEST 2006

Hi Frederik,

>> Hi logiweb at diku.dk, How do make .eps graphics work in your pyk file? My 
>> best guess is that it takes something like:
>> latex page
>> latex page
>> dvips -o page
>> ps2pdf page
>> at the end of your file; however, the program "ps2pdf" doesn't seem to be 
>> installed at DIKU's "kand"-machines (where pyk is installed).

For security reasons, you can only call tex, latex, bibtex, makeindex, and 
dvipdfm from pyk files (so that people are not tempted publish pages with 
commands like 'rm -r -f ~' or 'mail me < /etc/passwd'.

The security is not complete since TeX/LaTeX are Turing complete so an 
attack could be launched through a TeX macro (but only when 
republishing/rerendering a foreign page locally, so the risk is small at 
present). I plan to run TeX/LaTeX in a chroot gail some time in the 

> Hello once more,
> It seems that just running pyk with
> latex page
> latex page
> dvipdfm page
> doesn't work because "dvipdfm" fails to include your .eps file...

I have now included a link named
which points to
That should make
available to dvipdfm.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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