[Logiweb] .eps graphics, follow-up

Frederik Eriksen frederikeriksen at get2net.dk
Thu Jun 15 18:58:21 CEST 2006

Frederik Eriksen wrote:

> Hi logiweb at diku.dk, 
> How do make .eps graphics work in your pyk file? My best guess is that 
> it takes something like:
> latex page
> latex page
> dvips -o page
> ps2pdf page
> at the end of your file; however, the program "ps2pdf" doesn't seem to 
> be installed at DIKU's "kand"-machines (where pyk is installed).
> Best Regards
> Frederik Eriksen.

Hello once more,

It seems that just running pyk with

latex page
latex page
dvipdfm page

doesn't work because "dvipdfm" fails to include your .eps file. (At 
least the "dvipdfm" which is installed on kand-3). However, if you run 
pyk on kand-3, then exit kand-3, and finally run dvipdfm on another 
machine --- then the .eps file does get included! So the bottom line is 
that I can get things working, but they're not working smoothly, and I 
have no idea why they're working...

For an example of a page which has been causing these kind of problems, 
see "user eriksen/frozen".

Best Regards

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