Troels Henriksens academic homepage

A photograph of Troels Henriksen.


I am employed as tenure-track assistant professor at DIKU where I am part of the PLTC section. My research concerns parallel functional programming, high performance computing, and compiler construction.

My personal homepage is (or I can be contacted at or

How to find me

My office is on Earth, Denmark, Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 5 (the HCØ Institute), room 772-01-0-S14. The last step is the most tricky one. It is located on the ground floor in the "B" building (the one closest to the white DIKU building). Follow the map below. You may find your way barred by a closed door. If you are a student, your card may be able to grant you access. Otherwise, ring the bell or call me. A map to my office.


I am willing to supervise BSc and MSc projects that are related to my own research, or on topics that happen to catch my fancy. The projects tend to be heavy on implementation and somewhat technically difficult, but most of my former students claim to have enjoyed it.

When filling out projects contracts and such, use the following information:

How many hours are set aside for supervision?
In practice as many as necessary, but put 5 hours for a 7.5 ECTS project, 10 hours for a 15 ECTS project, and 20 hours for a 30 ECTS project.
How often do we meet for supervision?
Once per week, at a fixed time we agree upon after signing the contract. It is likely that many of the meetings will be cancelled when there is nothing to talk about, but having a regular slot avoids frequent calendar synchronisation.
What is expected of the student at the meeting?
The student must send an agenda or a cancellation at least the evening before the day of the meeting.
What is expected of the supervisor at the meeting?
The supervisor should have pondered any questions asked in the meeting agenda.

UCPH has an interesting procedure where I have to pretend to sign your contract by copying an image of my signature into your PDF file. As an optimisation, here is an image of my signature so you can do it yourself: If you wish to see me operate a fountain pen in person, you can also come by my office with a printout of your contract.