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Summer School Courses

1971: University of Western Ontario: Parsing Context-Free Languages.

1977: University of Turku, Finland (UNESCO School): Computational Complexity.

1989: University of Pisa, Italy: Partial evaluation.

1997: University of Copenhagen: Computability and complexity.

1998: University of Copenhagen: Partial evaluation.

1998: ESSLLI, Saarbrücken: Computability and complexity.

2001, 2003: Marktoberdorf Computability and complexity.

2005: Copenhagen Program Analysis and Transformation.

Invited Talks

At least at the following universities or research institutes:

Australia Technical University Sydney, Melbourne University (Tewksbury Lectures), Monash University.

Belgium Leuven.

Canada Western Ontario, Sir George Williams University (Montreal).

China Beijing University, Academia Sinica, Nanjing, Fudan and Jiao Tong (Shanghai).

Denmark Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Odense, Denmark's Technical University.

France Bordeaux, Dijon, Nancy, Paris, Rennes, Orsay, Ecole Normale Superieure, Ecole Polytechnique.

Germany Dagstuhl, Darmstadt, Dortmund, Kaiserslautern, Kiel, Oldenburg, Saarbrücken, Siegen.

Great Britain Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Imperial College (London), Oxford.

Holland Leiden.

Japan Tokyo, Electrocommunications University (Tokyo), Kyoto, Tohoku (Sendai).

Poland Wroclaw.

Singapore. National University.

Spain Barcelona, Valencia.

Sweden Göteborg, Linköping, Uppsala.

USA Arizona, Carnegie Mellon, Central Florida, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Harvard, Houston, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan, MIT, New Mexico State, University of New Mexico, Oregon Graduate Institute, Pennsylvania, Penn State, Purdue, Southern Illinois, Stanford, Stanford Research Institute, New York at Stony Brook, Syracuse, Utah, Washington (Saint Louis).

Industrial Research Institutions

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Dansk Datamatik Center, DIMACS, Hitachi (Tokyo), IBM Japan, INRIA (France: Paris and Sophia Antipolis), XEROX Parc.

Recent invited lectures at workshops and conferences

  1. ICALP (Automata, Languages and Programs), Warwick, July 1990.
  2. ACM Principles of Programming Languages, Florida, Januar 1991.
  3. AMAST (Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology), Iowa, May 1991.
  4. PEPM (Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation), Yale, June 1991.
  5. New York University Partial evaluation and abstract interpretation day, June 1991.
  6. New York University Workshop on Algorithms and parallelism, August 1991.
  7. FPCA (Functional Programming and Computer Architecture), Harvard, August 1991 (Tutorial).
  8. Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming, Tallinn Estonia, August 1993.
  9. IFIP Working Group 2.5/Numerical Analysis. Copenhagen, 1993.
  10. Nordic Workshop on Program Correctness, 1993.
  11. SOFSEM (Software Seminar), 1994.
  12. CSL (Computer Science Logic), 1994.
  13. ILPS (International Logic Programming Symposium), 1994.
  14. ALTEC (Algorithms and Technology), 1995.
  15. MFPS Mathematical Foundations of Program Semantics), 1995.
  16. PEPM (Partial Evaluation and Semantics-based Program Manipulation), 1995.
  17. Dagstuhl meeting on Partial Evaluation, 1996.
  18. DIMACS meeting on complexity and programming languages, 1996.
  19. Logic Colloquium, Leeds, England, 1997.
  20. SAS (Static Analysis Symposium), 1997.
  21. PLILP (Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming), 1997.
  22. PEPM (Partial Evaluation and Semantics-based Program Manipulation), 1998.
  23. EXPRESS (Expressiveness in Concurrency), 2000.
  24. ICJAR (International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning), 2001.
  25. PADO (Programs As Data Objects II), 2001.
  26. MFPS (Mathematical Foundations of Program Semantics), 2001.
  27. PLI (Principles, Logics, and Implementations of High-Level Programming Languages), 2002.
  28. RTA (Rewriting Techniques and Applications), 2004.
  29. The Spectrum Problem, a CSL workshop, 2005.
  30. LCC (Logic and Computational Complexity, a LICS workshop, 2006.
  31. VMCAI (Verification, Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation), 2008.

Neil D. Jones
February 22, 2008