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Grants for research and travel

(Note: NSF = The American National Science Foundation, while SNF = Forskningsråd = Danish Natural Science Research Council)

1969-72 NSF GJ508 (6182) Theory of Computational Complexity, $28,000.

1976-77 University of Kansas General Research Grant 3802-2038, $2,867.

1977-79 (Joint with Steven S. Muchnick) NSF MC576-80269, Binding Time Optimization in Programming Languages, $118,000.

1981-1988 Several travel grants from SNF, including conference participation in Europe, the United States, USSR, and China.

1985 130,000 Dkr. per year for three years, from SNF's FTU-program (Research and Technical Development) for travel and part-time programmer help.

1989 2,000,000 Dkr. over three years for Esprit Basic Research Action ``Semantique".

1991 2,600,000 Dkr. per year for three years, joint with Aarhus University and Aalborg University for SNF-supported DART Project.

1992 180,000 Dkr. from Esprit over four years: continuation of Semantique as working group.

1994 65,000 Dkr. per year for 3 years for Esprit project Atlantique for joint US-European collaboration.

1,040,000 Dkr. per year for 2 years as DIKUs part of DART.

1996 2,700,000 Dkr. per year (DIKUs part about 2,000,000 Dkr.) for 3 years for DART project, joint with Aarhus University, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, and the University of Roskilde.

1998 15,600 ECU for Esprit Working Group ``AppSem" (Applied Semantics).

1999 580,000 Dkr. for 1 year for PEKIS project (industrial applications of partial evaluation).

2000 450,000 Dkr. per year for 3 years for PLT project (Programming Language Technologies), joint with IT-University Copenhagen.

2000 2,000,000 Euro (DIKUs part about 70,000 Euro per year) over 2 years for DAEDALUS European Union IST RTD project, joint with 9 partners in France, Germany and Israel (project leader Aerospatiale Airbus Matra, scientific leader Patrick Cousot).

2030 24,000 ECU for Esprit Working Group ``AppSem-2" (Applied Semantics).

2003 210,000 Dkr. per year for 3 years for PLI project (Programs, Logics and Implementations).

Grants to organize workshops, summer schools or conferences:

1980, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2003, 2005.

Visitors to DIKU in connection with my research

Uwe Pleban University of Michigan, 1 month, 1983. David Rydeheard University of Edinburgh, 1 month, 1984. Andrzej Blikle Polish Academy of Science, 3 months, 1985. Valentin Turchin City University of New York, 3 months, 1985. Akira Kanda University of British Columbia, 3 months, 1985. Marek Rycko University of Gdansk (Poland), 3 months, 1986. Olivier Danvy University of Paris 6, post doctoral researcher, 1986-1989. Austin Melton Kansas State University, guest researcher, 18 months, 1987-1989. John Hannan University of Pennsylvania, 2 years, 1990-1992. Robert Glück Technical University of Vienna, 1 year, 1993-1994. Robert Paige New York University (Courant), 14 months, 1993-1994. Thomas Reps and Susan Horwitz University of Wisconsin, 1 year, 1993-1994. Shmuel Sagiv IBM Israel, 10 months, 1993-1994. Scott Draves Carnegie-Mellon University, 2 months, 1995. Andrei Klimov Moscow, 1 month, 1996. Andrei Nemytykh Moscow, 1 month, 1996. Zhe Yang New York University (Courant), 1 month, Spring 1998. Bruce Kapron University of Victoria, Canada, 1 month, Summer 1998. Valerie King University of Victoria, Canada, 1 month, Summer 1998. Jens Ulrik Skakkebaek Stanford University, USA, 2 months, Summer 1998. Yanhong (Annie) Liu Indiana University, USA, 1 week, Summer 1999. Amir Ben-Amram Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Summer 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. Barry Jay University of Technology, Sydney, 1 month, Summer 1999. Jean-Yves Moyen University of Nancy, France, 3 months, 1999. Chin-Soon Lee University of Western Australia, 6 months, 1999-2000. Laurent Mauborgne Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, 1 month, 2000. Vladimir Oliveira Di Iorio Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, 4 months, 2000. Jean-Yves Moyen University of Nancy, France, 3 months, 2002. Chin-Soon Lee University of Western Australia, 18 months, 2001-2002. Paul Voda Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, 4 months, 2002. Lars Kristiansen Oslo University College, 4 months, 2002.

Neil D. Jones
February 22, 2008