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Programming in Biomolecular Computation:

Programming in Biomolecular Computation; (CS2BIO 2010, with Lars Hartmann and Jakob Grue Simonsen). In spite of widespread discussion about connections between biology and computation, one question is notable by the absence of an answer: where are the programs? A new "blob" model of computation is presented that is programmable, and at the same time biologically plausible, stored-program, and universal. It is Turing complete in that a universal algorithm (i.e., a self-interpreter) exists, able to execute any program, and not asymptotically inefficient.

Paper [5] is a revised and extended journal version. Paper [7] examines this area in greater depth and with more extensive connections with computational biology. Paper [10] (accepted and to appear in journal form in 2012) examines the blob model of computation in relation to other models that have appeared since Alan Turing's 1936 paper.


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