Fritz Henglein

WARNING: This page is totally out of date. I have only recently regained control of it, after I had lost track (and, in due course, control) of it in the aftermath of various IT recorganizations at UCPH. I am planning on creating a new homepage, which I will link to from here. My contact information is correct. (FH, 2017-09-26)

Head of Algorithms and Programming Languages (TOPPS) researcher group
Director of HIPERFIT research center




Is my research popular? Check for yourself. Use Google Scholar (covers just about all of recent computer science) or CiteSeer (covers quite a bit). Please do not rely on Thomson Reuters ISI since it covers only a tiny fraction of computer science publications, omitting almost all of the most high-profile computer science conferences. (Note that computer science conferences are peer-reviewed).


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None (on sabbatical in 2012/13).

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DIKU provides individually advised projects only to students enrolled as full-degree, exchange or guest students at the University of Copenhagen. Please see the International Office for more information. Internship requests sent to me personally will go unanswered.


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