Curriculum Vitae

Status: 2009-04-23

Name:Fritz Henglein
Address:Havelse Møllevej 33, DK-3600 Frederikssund
Born:June 3d, 1961
Status:Married to Susanne Staun, two children (Marcus, Tessa)
Natural languages:Danish, English, German (reading, writing, speaking), Dutch (reading, some speaking), Serbo-croatian (no longer)
Programming languages:1 day/language to learn, 1 week/language to forget, max. 7 days to write a parser (incl. Cobol, excl. C++)


2002- Professor with special duties (professor mso), Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU)
1999-2002   Associate professor (lektor), IT University of Copenhagen (startup university)
1998-2002 Founding partner (1998-2002), director (2000-2002), Hafnium ApS (startup company)
1995-1999 Associate professor (lektor), DIKU
1992-1995 Assistant professor (adjunkt), DIKU
1991-1992 Postdoc, DIKU, Project Semantique
1990 Associate research scientist, New York University, Griffin Project
1989-1990 Temporary assistant professor, Utrecht University
1987-1989 Assistant research scientist, New York University, SETL Project
1988 Visiting researcher, IBM Research, Hawthorne, New York
1984-1986 Research assistant, Rutgers University, RAPTS Project


1983-1989  Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) in computer science, Rutgers University, New Jersey
1983-1986Master of Science (M.S.) in computer science, Rutgers University, New Jersey, GPA 3.97 (scale 4.0-0.0, no ranking available)
1980-1983Undergraduate studies in Informatik (major) and Mathematik (minor), Technische Universität München (TUM), Bavaria
1980-1982Vordiplom, Informatik, TUM, GPA 1.3 (scale 1.0-6.0, ranked 2nd out of 180)
1980Abitur, Josef-Hofmiller Gymnasium, Freising, Germany, GPA 1.0 (scale 1.0-6.0, ranked top-10 in Bavaria)


2009- Head of Algorithms and Programming Languages (TOPPS) researcher group
2007-2009   Head of TOPPS Group
2007-2008 Vice head of research, DIKU


To be updated.

For summary information until 2008 see short vita. For detailed information until 2002, see long vita.

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