[Logiweb] Changes in pyk1

Klaus Ebbe Grue grue at diku.dk
Tue Jun 20 16:05:51 CEST 2006

Hi Frederik,

>>  I have now included a link named
>>  /home/disk07/grue/logiweb/20060417/html/logiweb/doc
>>  which points to
>>  /home/disk07/grue/logiweb/20060504/source/doc/doc
>>  That should make
>>  /home/disk07/grue/logiweb/20060417/html/logiweb/doc/logiweb.eps
>>  available to dvipdfm. 
> In my understanding of the above, today you have made some changes to the 
> code of "pyk1". Could I persuade you to undo those changes, and transfer them 
> to something like "pyk2"?

I have made *no* changes except adding the link mentioned.

The only effect of the link is that the doc files (including logiweb.eps) 
appear where they are supposed to appear in the file tree.

I have changed no files, moved no files, and deleted no files.

> It's just that I'm having some layout problems with 
> my .pdf files which I didn't have yesterday. (Too little space around some of 
> the section headings). Maybe the fault is on my side, but I would like to 
> rule out any other possibilities.

If the problem persists, I can try deleting the link. But it is *very* 
unlikely that the link affects the layout of body and expansion of a page.

> (By the way, I still have trouble making dvipdfm include .eps graphics).

General problems or problems including logiweb.eps? And where do you 
include .eps files? Is it in the body of a page? Try to translate your 
page, then look up the page and click 'Bibliography' and then 'PDF'. If 
the PDF version of the bibliography has a Logiweb logo in the upper right 
corner then the system is able to include .eps using dvipdfm. If the PDF 
version of the bibliography has a logo, then try to go to your page again, 
click 'Bibliography', then 'TeX', then 'page.tex'. That file contains the 




\makebox [0mm][l]{\makebox [\linewidth ][r]{\includegraphics 

which includes the logo in the PDF version of the bibliography.

I have just tried recompiling one of my own pages, and after I cleared the 
cache of the browser, the logo appeared.


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