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This summer school on Program analysis and transformation will span theory and practice in the field. The overall theme is semantics-based program manipulation, in which practically-motivated operations on programs are solidly based in the semantics of the underlying programming languages.

Research profile
Research profile

This research field began with classical compiler optimisations. These were pragmatically successful and well-automated, but lacking in semantic foundations. This led to the long-pursued goal of truly semantics-based generation of compilers and of abstract machines to implement programming languages. Parallel academic developments included more powerful and interesting program transformations that were developed by hand, one at a time.

Major progress has been made in all three areas: semantically well-founded compiler optimisations have been devised and well-automated; compilers and abstract machines can now be generated by semantics-based methods including partial evaluation; and there now exist more powerful, general and well-founded program transformations.

The speakers at this Summer School represent the state of the art in this research field.

Confirmed speakers
Confirmed speakers
Mooly Sagiv (Israel: Tel Aviv)
Program analysis using Three-Valued Logic » [more]
Olivier Danvy (Denmark: Aarhus)
On one-step reduction, evalutation, and abstract machines » [more]
Oege De Moor (UK: Oxford)
Incremental execution of transformation specifications » [more]
Nick Benton, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Semantics of static analyses and program transformations » [more]
Neil Jones (Denmark: DIKU, Copenhagen)
Size-change termination analysis of first and higher-order programs » [more]
Torben Mogensen (Denmark: DIKU, Copenhagen)
Introduction to partial evaluation; Program semi-inversion » [more]
Arne Glenstrup (Denmark: ITU, Copenhagen)
Tool tutorial for the Scheme partial evaluators PGG and Similix » [more]
John Gallagher (Denmark: Roskilde)
Program analysis and specialisation using tree automata » [more]
Robert Glück (Denmark: DIKU, Copenhagen)
Program inversion » [more]
Kazuhiko Kakehi (Japan: MIST, Tokyo Uniiversity)
Attribute grammars and program transformations » [more]

Students should have some familiarity with classical compiler optimisations. A basic knowledge of operational semantics of programming languages (eg Structural operational semantics, Natural semantics or Action semantics) would be helpful


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PLI project, Danish Natural Science Research Agency

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Local Organizing Commitee
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Contact information

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