Introduction to the Standard Template Library (STL)—with applications

Welcome to the download pages for "Introduction to the STL—with applications", a report completed in 1999 as part of the graduate program in Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. From here, you can download the entire report in postscript format (zipped) and the accompanying source code in plain text format.

The report is concerned with the Standard Template Library (the STL)—a recent extension to the ANSI C++ standard—and describes the components of that library in fairly short, summarizing chapters, generously interspersed with code examples, all of which are available from these pages. In addition, the report includes two sizeable applications demonstrating use of the STL and an appendix on the use of templates in C++.

Use and distribution

All material available for download from these pages, i.e. the report and the associated source code, may be distributed and used freely for personal and educational purposes, provided the author is properly accredited. Use of the report in modified form or for commercial purposes only by express written permission.

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