Practical in-place mergesort
Authors:Jyrki Katajainen, Tomi Pasanen, and Jukka Teuhola
Published in:Nordic Journal of Computing 3,1 (1996), 27-40
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Copyright:© Publishing Association Nordic Journal of Computing
Abstract:Two in-place variants of the classical mergesort algorithm are analysed in detail. The first, straightforward variant performs at most N log2 N + O(N) comparisons and 3 N log2 N + O(N) moves to sort N elements. The second, more advanced variant requires at most N log2 N + O(N) comparisons and ε N log2 N moves, for any fixed ε > 0 and any N > N(ε). In theory, the second one is superior to advanced versions of heapsort. In practice, due to the overhead in the index manipulation, our fastest in-place mergesort behaves still about 50 per cent slower than the bottom-up heapsort. However, our implementations are practical compared to mergesort algorithms based on in-place merging.
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