Stable minimum space partitioning in linear time
Authors:Jyrki Katajainen and Tomi Pasanen
Published in:BIT 32,4 (1992), 580-585
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Abstract:In the stable 0-1 sorting problem the task is to sort an array of n elements with two distinct values such that equal elements retain their relative input order. Recently, Munro, Raman and Salowe gave an algorithm which solves this problem in O(n log* n) time and constant extra space. We show that by a modification of their method the stable 0-1 sorting is possible in O(n) time and O(1) extra space. Stable three-way partitioning can be reduced to stable 0-1 sorting. This immediately yields a stable minimum space quicksort, which sorts multisets in asymptotically optimal time with high probability.
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