Two skew-binary numeral systems and one application
Authors:Amr Elmasry, Claus Jensen, and Jyrki Katajainen
Published in:Theory of Computing Systems 50,1 (2012), 185-211
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We introduce two numeral systems, the magical skew system and the regular skew system, and contribute to their theory development. For both systems, increments and decrements are supported using a constant number of digit changes per operation. Moreover, for the regular skew system, the operation of adding two numbers is supported efficiently. Our basic message is that some data-structural problems are better formulated at the level of a numeral system. The relationship between number representations and data representations, as well as operations on them, can be utilized for an elegant description and a clean analysis of algorithms. In many cases, a pure mathematical treatment may also be interesting in its own right. As an application of numeral systems to data structures, we consider how to implement a priority queue as a forest of pointer-based binary heaps. Some of the number-representation features that influence the efficiency of the priority-queue operations include weighting of digits, carry-propagation and borrowing mechanisms.

Keywords. Numeral systems, data structures, priority queues, binary heaps

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