The Open Graph Archive: A community-driven effort
Authors:Christian Bachmaier, Franz J. Brandenburg, Philip Effinger, Carsten Gutwenger, Jyrki Katajainen, Karsten Klein, Miro Spönemann, Matthias Stegmaier, and Michael Wybrow
Publication:E-print arXiv:1109.1465, (2011), 10 pp.
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In order to evaluate, compare, and tune graph algorithms, experiments on well designed benchmark sets have to be performed. Together with the goal of reproducibility of experimental results, this creates a demand for a public archive to gather and store graph instances. Such an archive would ideally allow annotation of instances or sets of graphs with additional information like graph properties and references to the respective experiments and results. Here we examine the requirements, and introduce a new community project with the aim of producing an easily accessible library of graphs. Through successful community involvement, it is expected that the archive will contain a representative selection of both real-world and generated graph instances, covering significant application areas as well as interesting classes of graphs.

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