Jyrki is a Finnish man's first name originating from the Greek name Geôrgios (Γεώργιος) 'farmer'. Variations of the same name in different languages are English George, Russian Juri, Swedish and German Georg, Swedish Göran, Danish Jørgen, German Jürgen, and Estonian Jüri.

In the old days, in Finnish villages that were under the influence of both Eastern and Western culture, Jyrki was used by Orthodox believers, whereas the Lutherans used the variation Yrjö.

Exercise. Give a plausible explanation why in a letter sent to me, starting with "Dear X", X was

  1. Jyrky
  2. Jykri
  3. Madam
  4. Juri
  5. Jyrgi
  6. Isi
  7. Pappa
  8. Jyskä
  9. Juhani
  10. Juniper

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