Jens Egeblad

Former Ph.D. student at DIKU (June, 2004 to 2008) in the algorithms and optimization group (Algorithmics and Optimization Group)

My Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Heuristics for Multidimensional Packing Problems" (phd.pdf).

How to reach me

e-mail: jegeblad at


Jens Egeblad
Baldersgade 59, 3. tv.
2200 Kbh. N.

Phone: +45 26275450.


  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Algorithms
  • Computational Geometry
  • Animation and 3D-graphics
  • Mobile Software


Independent iPhone software development

Past Research

  • Improvements to two- and three-dimensional nesting.
  • Heuristics for a three dimensional knapsack problem with complex chapes; Optimization of container loading of furniture for a major Italian furniture producer (joint work with Politecnico di Bari)
  • Heuristics for the Two-Dimensional Knapsack problem with rectangles.


  • J. Egeblad, B. K. Nielsen and A. Odgaard, "Fast neighborhood search for two- and three-dimensional nesting problems", European Journal of Operational Research (In Press), Available online at

  • J. Egeblad and B. K. Nielsen "Translational packing of arbitrary polytopes" Available online at

  • J. Egeblad and D. Pisinger "Heuristic approaches for the two- and three-dimensional knapsack packing problem" Available online at

  • C. Garavelli, J. Egeblad, D. Pisinger and S. Lisi "Heuristics for Container Loading of Furniture" Available online at

  • J. Egeblad "Placement of two- and three-dimensional irregular shapes for inertia moment and balance" Available online at


  • "Best Danish master thesis in the field of operations research of 2002-2003" from Danish operations research society DORS. The thesis is available here. The thesis is on methods for optimization of VLSI (very large scale integrated) layout.


    I have given lectures on the following courses:

    Other Full Time Occupations

    I worked for 6 months in 1999 at Lasat Networks on software for a VPN-router called "Safepipe" . In 2003-2004 I worked about 8 months for Laerdal Sophus; A top Danish software development company which produces medical simulators (See Microsim).

    Graduate Projects

    With Marinus Rørbech: Facial tracking and regeneration using a web-camera.

    With Benny K. Nielsen and Allan Odgaard: Two-dimensional packing problems with irregular shapes. This lead to a number of research papers as part of my Ph.D. study.

    With Marinus Rørbech and Michael G. Haagensen: Fluid simulation and visulation using octrees (here).
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