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Fritz Henglein, Henning Makholm, Henning Niss. Effect type systems and region-based memory management. TOPPS Report D-519 Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen (DIKU), 2004.


To appear as book chapter in Benjamin Pierce (ed.) ``Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages'', MIT Press, January\ 2005 This book chapter presents type-based program analysis based on \emph{type and effect systems} (or \emph{effect type systems}) and illustrates their application in \emph{region-based memory management}, which is the chapter's ultimate focus. Classical type systems express properties of values, not the computations leading to those values. \emph{Effect types} describe all important effects of computation, not just their results. Region-based memory management refers to programming where heap data is allocated in individually managed regions that are explicitly allocated and deallocated. As we shall see, state-of-the-art region-based memory management employs effect type systems to ensure \emph{region safety}, which guarantees that no accesses to unallocated or deallocated regions occur at run time


Fritz Henglein
Henning Makholm
Henning Niss

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