[Logiweb] Curious Logiwiki behavior

Robert Lamar rl47 at hw.ac.uk
Mon Oct 8 18:39:40 CEST 2007

Good day,

I am a PhD student in Edinburgh, Scotland who was first introduced to 
Logiweb at MKM '07 [1].  Just this month, I have finally found time to 
start investigating it.  To that end, I have begun to proceed through 
the tutorials at logiweb.eu [2], and have encountered some strange 
behavior which I am unable to duplicate predictably.

The same problem has appeared twice:  After completing the Logiweb 
Submission form [3], I submit the page (with the strings org="hwu" and 
name="rlamar", if it helps) and receive the following error:

--------begin Logiwiki response--------
Reverse lookup of 
Reverse lookup of 
Reverse lookup of 
Frontend: parsing associativity sections
Frontend: parsing body

We now state Lemma 3.2l of \cite{Mendelson87}:
"[ PA lemma 3.2|
l : all x : 0 * x = 0 end lemma ]"
"[ PA proof of 3.2l :
File Form input around line 153 char 16:
No interpretations
--------end Logiwiki response--------

This was the verbatim response of the second of the failed attempts. 
The astute reader will note that this happened while completing Tutorial 
T03.  It was to be my first attempt at this tutorial.  I had similar 
problems with my first attempt at Tutorial T02.

The common thread seems to be that on the occasions that the submission 
failed, I either typed the exercise by hand or copied it in pieces to 
the submission page.

I am sorry that my query is verbose.  Is what I describe here a known 
problem?  The "No Interpretations" error is rather meaningless to me, at 
this stage.

Thank you,

[1] Mathematical Knowledge Management, 
[2] http://logiweb.eu/logiweb/tutorial/
[3] http://logiweb.eu/logiweb/tutorial/create.html

Robert Lamar
PhD Student

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