[Logiweb] New base/check

Klaus Ebbe Grue grue at diku.dk
Tue Jun 6 11:28:29 CEST 2006

Hi logiweb at diku.dk

I have recompiled 'base' and 'check' in which I have changed
   \hypersetup{pdfpagescrop={120 80 490 680}}
   \hypersetup{pdfpagescrop={120 80 490 730}}

pdfpagescrop cuts off the wide margins added by TeX, but for some reason 
it works differently at diku.dk and logiweb.eu. The new value (730) for 
the maximum y coordinate (measured from the bottom of the page) ensures 
that the first lines of the page can be read at Diku. In the old versions 
of base and check, the top lines were cut away by pdfpagescrop.

When changing to a new base page: At present, pages must ultimately refer 
to the same base page in order to work together. Hence, if you reference 
both base and check, then be sure to change to the new check at the same 
time you change to the new base page.

If you have defined several pages yourselves which reference each other, 
then recompile them all when you change base page. As an example, if you 
have two pages, A and B, and if B references A/latest/vector/page.lgw and 
A references base/latest/vector/page.lgw, then recompile first A and then 

The problem is that each new base page defines a *new* statement aspect 
and a *new* proof aspect. Next version of pyk is such that a new base page 
is able to use the statement and proof aspects introduced by a 
previous base page.


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