[Logiweb] Displaying lemma definitions

Klaus Ebbe Grue grue at diku.dk
Fri Jul 1 13:01:48 CEST 2005

Hi Kasper,

> I am writing the actual text of my report now and i want to refer to a 
> specifik lemma so the finished page wil display the definition of the lemma 
> and not just its name. Is this possible?

So, basicly, you want the entire lemma to occur twice in your text? You 
can do that by copy paste since any lemma can be stated any number of 
times (but beware of non-identical copies as mentioned in a mail to 
[Logiweb] a minute ago).

If the problem is to repeat a lemma that occurs on a referenced page, 
you can also use copy paste: Locate the lemma in the 'Source' entry of 
the referenced page and copy it from there. In that case the copy has no 
effect since a lemma has effect only on the page that introduces the name 
of the lemma.

Pitfall: If your page (call it page P) references a page Q which 
contains a lemma you want to copy, and if the lemma references a construct 
defined on page R where page Q references page R, and if your page P does 
not reference page R, then you have to add page R to the bibliography of 
page P.


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