[Logiweb-announce] Logiweb 0.1.7 released

Klaus Ebbe Grue grue at diku.dk
Sun Jun 24 22:31:14 CEST 2007

Logiweb 0.1.7 was released on GRD-2007-06-24

Added postinstall information to README
Corrected case sensitivity bug in html-dir0 in pyk/html.lisp
Corrected f-symbol2associativity bug in pyk/frontend.lisp
Constructs for autogenerated pyk/prio tables now recognized by name
Bugfix: lgwping now exits when a response is received
Corrected error in code for header=suggest
Splitted the monolitic tutorial into several tutorials
Added new tutorials
Bugfix: spydepth and spylength now controls trace output
Added period to the list ,[]()<> of characters that can appear after strings
Allowed period as separator in bibliographies
Allowed separator after last entry in bibliographies
Pyk no longer crashes when src option points to non-existing file
Now math definitions (c.f. Peano.pyk) are soundness checked once only
Added optidump option and corrected fingerprint generation code
Added 'print' optimized function
Changed definition of 'spy' and 'trace' optimized functions
Obtained factor 3 proofcheck speedup by parallel instantiation
Added XML rendering
Added Mizar interface

Logiweb is a system available under GNU GPL for distribution of

* Mathematical definitions, lemmas, and proofs.
* Computer programs.
* Proof checkers and proof tactics.
* Journal quality papers and wiki articles.

For more information on Logiweb, see http://logiweb.eu/

Sincerely yours,
Klaus Grue

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