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Stig Øye's weather links (ver. 30.01.98)

Nottingham University METEOSAT web page
Meteosat D2.JPG (infrared, 100 k jpeg, updated every half hour)
Meteosat C03.JPG (visual, 120 k jpeg, updated every half hour)
Meteosat pictures archive
FU-Berlin: Weather Information. web page
Meteosat-movie (180 k mpeg, last 24 h, updated at 9 Z and 21 Z)
Uni-Köln, Department of Meteorology, web page
Satellitenloop (500k mpeg, last 8 h, updated every hour?)
Meteo France, Meteosat pictures and forecast, web page
Latest Meteosat picture (100k jpeg, updated at 0,6,12,18 Z)
Forecast for tomorrow at 12 Z (80k jpeg)
NERC Satellite Station, Dundee University, UK. web page
NOAA pictures from Dundee
MRF Model Forecasts (from Purdue, USA). web page
500 mb/SL pressure 10 days forecast for Europe (135k gif)
UK Met.Office. home page
Latest Meteosat picture (vis)
Latest Meteosat picture (ir)
Georg Müller (Karlsruhe) Wetter-zentrale
Topkarten or direct to "Bracknell Fax" or "MSLP analyses" or "24h forecast" (60k gifs)
Meteosat Film (75k mpeg)
Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut home page
Seneste satellitbillede (35k jpg)
Tom Dawes-Gamble : Airport Information and Weather
TAF/Metar for Copenhagen FIR

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